You may find a wide range of frozen, dry and fresh provisions being offered at your service,fulfilling your expectations to the fullest. Frozen products are being supplied on board with keeping the cold chain, right from our cold rooms in our warhouse via refrigerated trucks. Many local tastes from all around the world are exquisitely  stored in our transit warehouse for you to feel a home. Having a perfect climate and a long history of production culture in this geography, we offer you various sorts of fresh and dairy products collected daily from illustrious Turkish local markets.

Piri Reis, only buys globally from approved sources through her trade partner Anele, certified with Quality Assurance and HACCP certificates and with production plants certified with Turkish, CE, or USDA veterinary authorities.

Piri Reis holds ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004 and NFS quality assurance certificates.

Piri Reis is in all key locations within Turkey. From such key locations, Piri Reis is able to consolidate purchased goods more effectively and deliver them with better transport solutions.

For all the regional transport and storage solutions,Piri Reis manages the full transport  chain on behalf of its customers. For our customers it really is just a question of when you want your provisions and stores delivered.

Our transit warehouse stores a wide range of frozen and dry provisions which address many local tastes all around the world and enables us to serve you with a successful blend of high quality and reasonable prices. A strong with the local market gives us the change to serve you with the most fresh and natural products: a gift to all of us this productive geography.

We are aware of the importance of a quality ship supply service that is consistent and the role this plays in motivating seafarers and ensuring their welfare. Being a high volume purchaser, Piri Reis is able to provide competitive pricing and possible to enter into an agreement with fixed prices during each year.

Quality inspections are carried out to make sure that all products meet customer demands.